The World of LIV.UNIQUE

Welcome to the world of luxury and beauty, the world of LIV.UNIQUE.

The luxurious LIV.UNIQUE nutrient skincare is made to perfection with
hand selected, unique and most powerful anti-aging ingredients,
scientifically proven to be both healthy and effective.


Our luxurious formulas are developed using the most advanced natural skincare technologies available on earth and award winning ingredients
such as Apple stem cells, growth hormone molecules and a booster of Vitamin C in an active form.
LIV.UNIQUE’s advanced skin care solutions involve powerful anti-aging components driven from superfoods, precious minerals,
essential vitamins and amino acids captivated from unique and powerful botanical extracts.

for a healthier look, feel and lifestyle.
You live once, better LIV.UNIQUE.

 On it’s uncompromised voyage to the secrets of youth and ageless beauty,
LIV.UNIQUE took inspiration from both bio-tech and botanical innovative discoveries,
to create its unique anti-aging complex for cellular revitalization.

Involving powerful and rare molecular extracts of age-defying ingredients of legendary qualities,
creating the most luxurious formulations on earth.


LIV.UNIQUE’s exceptionally rich anti-aging complex provides an abundance of nutrients driven from powerful superfoods,
unique organic and tropical botanicals, active vitamins of high absorption as well as rare and precious minerals,
treasured from the oceans or deep in the earth such as gold, pearls and diamonds.

Pushing science to its very limit to help fight time and ultimately rejuvenate, energize and replenish lost moisture of skin.


Our extraordinary combination of plant stem cell–hormone technology converts dormant adult stem cells to young, fresh skin cells and
effectively resets your skin’s aging clock several years back, ensuring the longevity and vitality of skin cells for longer years.
The remarkable fusion of Apple stem cells and plant growth hormones revive the powerful key mechanisms of skin to
help repair fine lines, eliminate wrinkles and to restore and maintain timeless firmness and elasticity.


Stabilizing the most powerful antioxidant of them all, LIV.UNIQUE’s advanced formulas involve
an oil-type, active and pure Vitamin C booster, with incomparable absorption and incredible anti aging effect.
Help boost healthy collagen production, reduce inflammation, irritation and fade post-breakout marks by
improving the skin’s natural healing response.

Reduce the appearance of spots and sun damage, increase the effectiveness of sunscreens and boost your skin’s defense against UV exposure.


This pioneering approach of LIV.UNIQUE’s meticulous formulation process creates
each product with a unique age-defying organic complex of exceptional components,
to best address its purpose and offer ultimate rapid response along-side long lasting lifting and firming effects beyond compare.

Captivating the most advanced age fighting ingredients that your skin needs into perfectly designed textures,
for ultimate cellular revitalization and absolute glow.


No person is like another and neither is skin.
Our collection of skincare solutions is especially designed to fit to YOUR needs and desires.
Introducing nutrient cosmetics tailored to your unique needs, routine and lifestyle.

Experience LIV.UNIQUE's personalized skin care advice and get what your skin truly needs.

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We welcome you to join us.

You live once, better LIV.UNIQUE. 


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