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Welcome to the world of luxury and beauty, the world of LIV.UNIQUE.

Terra Veda Enterprise Ltd. presents the luxurious LIV.UNIQUE nutrient skincare, made with hand selected, unique and most powerful anti-aging ingredients, scientifically proven to be both healthy and effective.

World’s Most Advanced Anti-Aging Technologies

Our luxurious formulas are developed using the most advanced natural skincare technologies available on earth. We work with 1st place award winning ingredients and the knowledge of leading chemists, biologists, botanists and formulators all over the world to stay on top of the latest powerful ingredient discoveries, to keep on leading and bring you the most effective  anti-aging soultions available in the market.

Our advanced skin care involves powerful anti-aging components with an abundance of unique essential vitamins, precious minerals, superfood extracts and Amino Acids to support a healthier look, feel and lifestyle.

You live once, better LIV.UNIQUE. 

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